The use of music in film and television is now more prevalent than ever. To use a song or recording in a motion picture or television program, producers must secure synchronization licenses. Authority to grant these rights lies entirely with the copyright owner, who is not mandated under any existing law to allow such uses. In order to obtain these rights, separate deals must be negotiated with the copyright owners of the musical composition and the sound recording. Sample Clearance Ltd. utilizes its experience, resources, and industry contacts to secure these licenses in the most efficient manner possible. We manage this task professionally and diligently in order to achieve the most favorable fees and terms on behalf of our clients. Some of the many projects on which Sample Clearance Ltd. has handled synchronization licensing include “Fade to Black” “Any Given Sunday”, “Paid In Full”, “Black and White”, “State Property” “State Property 2”, “Festival Express”, “Zebrahead”, “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “HBO’s Def Comedy Jam”.