Ringtones have become so popular that they're attracting the attention of chart-topping musical acts and record companies, which see them as new revenue sources and promotional tools. Aggregators of ringtones are popping up everywhere, trying to take advantage of the growing demand. However, properly licensing ringtones is no simple task. For mono and polyphonic ringtones, licenses must be obtained from music publishers as well as performance rights societies. For true-tones or master tones, a license from the record company that owns the master recording is also necessary.

Sample Clearance Limited is your one-stop solution for licensing ringtones, and we can even help you choose which songs to carry on your platform. Our relationships with music publishers, performance rights societies and record companies ensure that we will get you a license for any song that is available. Our experience negotiating ring tone licenses ensures that your ring tone licenses will contain the most favorable terms available.

Sample Clearance Limited has handled all aspects of Namco America’s Pac-Tones application, which is available on the Verizon Wireless network. We have negotiated licenses with over 200 music publishers for a total of over 1500 songs.